Sensing Solutions from Nano Electronic Services

Nano ES are pleased to announce the FLS122 from Flusso.  The world’s smallest air velocity sensor. Providing real-time temperature and air speed measurements.


The FLS122 is designed for a wide range of applications requiring an air velocity measurement. It will add value to your product by providing an accurate air speed or air flow measurement with near-zero pressure drop. The FLS122 often requires no flow fixture and integrates easily into an existing duct. It measures air velocity directly using a thermal sensing method and can be calibrated to report air velocity or air flow rate. It is uniquely suited to applications with large flow rates but small pressure drops.

6-pin DFN package

3.5 mm × 3.5 mm footprint

2 mm overall height



  • Silicon-MEMS thermal air velocity and air flow sensor
  • Firmware running on a standard microcontroller delivers digital flow and

airspeed sensing solutions

  • Fully temperature-compensated readings
  • Programmable operating modes and features
  • Fully compatible with SMD assembly processes
  • Easy integration into an existing flow path

The FLS122 is ideal for consumer appliances and industrial applications in which air velocity measurement brings increased energy efficiency, minimization of fan noise and early detection of system failure. For example

  • Thermal management and immediate detection of cooling air flow reduction/failure in high performance gaming PCs and data centre equipment racks
  • Filter monitoring in vacuum cleaners and HVAC systems
  • Control of variable air volume (VAV) dampers in HVAC systems

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