Displays partner supports whole design-in process

Midas Displays’ managing director, Mike Halpin, highlights 2023 investments including employee development, recruitment and a new customer focussed website

As the world becomes ever more digitalised, displays play an active role in all environments of our lives—providing visual information and data for us to consume easily and at pace. The displays market is showing no signs of slowing down, with available technologies enhancing all the time.

Midas Displays is a specialist electronics company designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality displays and associated accessories. The company uses its UK-based, technical teams to provide customers with the best possible support with display solutions. The technical sales team is supported by in-house engineers, assisting customers all the way through the design-in process.

Managing director, Mike Halpin, has set the company’s 2023 goal to exceed the percentage growth from 2022, whilst maintaining the high level of service customers have become accustomed to. To achieve this, Midas is continuing to invest in its existing employees’ development, further recruitment at all levels and an increased marketing spend—including two new exhibitions and a new website which Midas believes will vastly improve the customer experience.

2022 was a successful year for Midas and the expectation is that 2023 will catapult the business forwards, with plenty to get excited about.