Clad medical wire suits implantable devices

Anomet Products has introduced custom manufactured clad composite wire that can combine several properties into a single wire for medical device applications.

Medical clad wire can combine up to three materials to meet specific design requirements, performance and cost criteria, especially where solid wire is limited. Combining one or more precious metals and a core material into a single wire, this composite wire can be formulated to achieve various combinations of corrosion and wear resistance, strength, conductivity, formability, biocompatibility, radiopacity and more.

Typical configurations for implantable devices include: platinum-iridium clad tantalum; platinum clad MP35N; silver cored MP35N; 316LVM clad tantalum; nitinol clad platinum; and gold clad nitinol. These wires have a smooth consistent finish and can be manufactured in sizes from 0.002 to 0.125in OD with two per cent or more cladding thickness.

Samples and price quotations are available.