Digital storage obsolescence can be managed

Solid State Disks’ sales director,
James Hilken

As a certified and authorised manufacturer and distributor, Solid State Disks offers electronics purchasing professionals a one-stop-shop for legacy memory solutions

Solid State Disks offers form, fit and function replacements for all types of legacy hard disks, with the added benefits of remote access via local networks and higher reliability through use of solid state technology. Established in 1989, the company offers experience in sectors including  aerospace, automotive, defence, embedded computing, industrial manufacturing, nuclear, rail, data servers and telecoms.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and NATO NCage, Solid State Disks designs and manufactures CF2SCSI SCSIFlash and FLOPPYFlash CF based solid-state drives, both featuring proprietary FPGA-based technology designed to deliver greater performance and future-proof applications.

The company’s technical team and manufacturing resource are UK based. Solid State Disks is also a trusted and respected distributor, supplying the latest Flash and DRAM memory from manufacturers including Apro, Innodisk, Micron, Transcend and Western Digital/Sandisk. As a franchised distributor, Solid State Disks can frequently access reserves other distributors can’t.