Rugged SBCs in stock

Newark has signed a distribution agreement with Gateworks to stock rugged, industrial specification single board computers. Gateworks’ SBC products are designed to benefit users by reducing field failure rate. The devices are in stock.


Designed from the ground up with components that can withstand shock, vibration, electrostatic discharge and transient voltages in harsh and high temperature environments, Gateworks ensures delivery of high reliability devices.


The products provide system diagnostic capabilities such as critical voltage rail and board temperature monitoring circuitry. Another benefit is an external watchdog timer that can hard power cycle the board in the event its application software becomes unresponsive.


Newark’s initial portfolio of Venice industrial SBCs includes a 64-bit ARM CPU, Mini-PCIe slots, multiple Ethernet and an industrial temperature rating from -40 to 85°C. Multiple Mini-PCIe slots offer flexibility and allow a variety of wireless options including WiFi6/6E, Sub-1GHz 802.11AH HaLow, 5G cellular, BLE Bluetooth, Iridium Satellite and 802.11 (A/B/G/N/AC/AX).