Finding solutions fast and first

Here Perfect Parts explains a distribution partner with access to market data and alternative parts can help OEMs sidestep the challenges of today’s volatile market 


Perfect Parts Corporation specialises in helping customers select new parts for their designs, finding crosses, locating product information and locating the electronic parts needed for design, prototype and production.


With today’s market being volatile due to long lead-times, high product allocations, raw material shortages and the on-going pandemic, finding solutions fast and first is important. Perfect Parts has partnered with a new data supplier to share part data on its website. The company is excited for its new website to go live to show buyers, engineers and students that it is committed to sharing its library and product availability. Perfect Parts offers a broad range of components and testing which provides a high level of product assurance.


Unlike distributors that focus on either obsolete or hard to find components, Perfect Parts offers a comprehensive service, helping buyers select and gain knowledge about drop-in replacements or possible similar parts. For example, components can be sourced that were discontinued 40-years ago. Likewise, help can be offered finding a new part on a 65-week lead-time. If neither exist, the company can help select another part whenever possible.


Perfect Parts utilizes accredited third-party test labs that uphold the highest standards in component testing. The company believes 2023 will hold the same challenges that came industry’s way in 2022. Some parts will improve, others will not, but locating alternates and other design options is fundamental to succeeding in today’s market. If an OEM’s supplier isn’t doing this, they are losing a key component critical to success.


Perfect Parts is confident that new customers will quickly find the company offers a comprehensive group of services that will improve their success and meet their need to find viable solutions and quality parts.