Lighting up display options

Midas Displays invites visitors to its ECS stand where they can explore display technologies including LCD, OLED, TFT and E-Paper


As the TFT manufacturing process has been refined the technology has become a more affordable solution. A wide range of value added additions is also available to improve the technology and customer experience including cover glass, touch screens, custom flex, ‘smart’ displays, embedded products and more.


Monochrome LCD displays offer a simple, cost-effective solution for applications showing basic information. These displays are easy to interface, with simple character and graphic options. They are often used in low-cost applications, such as fire and security panels.


OLED displays perform the same role as LCD displays, but have brighter characters/graphics, on a true black background, which offers users a better contrast and all-round viewing angles. Midas offers new rotary switch ‘dial’ OLEDs, offering user input through the capacitive touch screen and rotary switch module. This sleek design provides a dual interface and removes the need for push buttons, leaving one component to control the entire application.


E-Paper is a relatively new technology, ideal for ultra-low power applications. The bi-stable technology lets displays retain an image, even when the power is disconnected. A recognisable application is shelf-edge labelling.


Midas supports the design-in process with its UK-based engineering team which lets the company support technical and commercial enquiries. The team is looking forward to helping customers with their designs using existing and new display technology.