Broadening product range

Mouser Electronics is offering a broadening selection of new products from Infineon Technologies, covering segments including automotive, industrial power control, power and sensor systems and connected secure systems.


As an example, Mouser states Infineon’s portfolio of general-purpose MOSFETs offers simple, price-competitive solutions with wide availability and established quality. The portfolio covers the low-voltage arena up to 250V and the high-voltage portion from 500 to 900V. For design flexibility, these devices are offered in a range of packages, such as SOT-23, PQFN, SuperSO8, TO-252, SOT-223 and TO-220.


Infineon’s Xensiv MEMS microphones are designed for applications requiring low self-noise, a wide dynamic range and an extended pick-up distance. These features make them ideal for hearable applications like true wireless earbuds, over-ear headsets, smart speakers, laptops, conference systems, smart speakers, home automation and other devices with a voice user interface.