French power supply support

Pulsiv has signed a distribution agreement with CATS SAS France adding local support for the French market.


Pulsiv has developed a new method for converting AC to DC, designed to deliver a combination of benefits in power electronics designs. This unique technology has extended the range of conventional flyback topologies to replace expensive LLC solutions.


Pulsiv’s director of global sales and distribution, Nick Theodoris, said: “CATS have a diverse history and wealth of experience in supporting French customers with power electronics projects. A long standing relationship with the management team sets us up perfectly to expand the promotion of Pulsiv’s technology in one of the strongest markets for power in Europe.”


CATS owner and VP sales manager, Gilles Veyrunes, added: “We are very happy to start a strategic partnership with Pulsiv as it offers a complementary technology and product range compared to other partners in that sector.”