Fire safety up to 90 minutes

Spelsberg’s Lifeline enclosure range helps ensure safety for up to 90 minutes in a fire by enabling critical systems to continue operation. Protecting cable junctions, connection boxes, and distribution boards, Lifeline enclosures allow alarms, lighting and fire suppression systems to operate even under flame and extreme heat. The lightweight, durable polycarbonate enclosures enable flexible wall-mount installation and retrofit in buildings and tunnels.


All Spelsberg Lifeline boxes are pre-assembled to save installation time, with only wall-mounting and wiring required. The cable and junction boxes are simply attached by a pair of pre-fitted lugs that allow 90 deg rotation and the terminal block can be set in a variety of positions.


Spelsberg UK’s MD, Chris Lloyd, said: “The Lifeline enclosures are designed to meet the stringent EU and UK regulations on fire protection for use in both buildings and tunnels. While the boxes achieve this, providing protection for up to 90 minutes, they are fast and simple to install.”