How to Simplify the Process of Selecting and Buying Electronic Components

Some aspects of daily work tasks can turn into a laborious process that we try to avoid if possible. If you spend your days struggling to fulfil a new bill of materials (BOM) request from engineering, Mouser has some good news. Mouser developed the Customer Resource Centre to ease the burden on buyers, and improve the productivity of selecting and purchasing electronic components.

The Customer Resource Centre features fourteen tools and resources to assist you in selecting, pricing, ordering, and shipment tracking across the entire Mouser inventory. It also provides the in-depth information required to complete your quality and compliance tasks, providing a one-stop solution to all your procurement needs.

Customer Resource Centre account management features

• A convenient way of applying for a Mouser business account (MyMouser).

• Once your business account is set up, you can use the MyMouser Account tool to check order status, set up and edit current projects.

• Review and print invoices so you can keep on top of the paperwork and ensure the buying process runs smoothly.

• Access and download Mouser’s quality certifications.

BOM, ordering and product resources

The Customer Resource Centre’s BOM capabilities are focused on Mouser’s free to use intelligent BOM tool, FORTE. FORTE helps you remove the uncertainties typically associated with buying complex electronic components such as semiconductors and integrated circuits. Time-saving features include the ability to upload a BOM from a spreadsheet or CSV file. Its straightforward user interface makes adding, editing, and deleting BOM items incredibly simple. FORTE permits searching for partial part numbers and part descriptions to validate correct codes and to suggest alternatives. 

In addition to FORTE, other resources include the ability to automate order placement using API, EDI, or PunchOut catalogues. You can view the status of orders and track shipments too. If you wish to inquire about an individual or multiple products, you can easily submit a request or delve into the extensive library of articles and datasheets. Not ready to import a BOM yet? then use the price and availability assistant to check for individual parts. 

Mouser’s Conversion Calculators

If you’re not 100% certain you are ordering the correct capacitor and need to check how many picofarads make a microfarad, try using one of Mouser’s online conversion calculators. Available for a range of electronic components, environmental factors, and physical dimensions, they offer a quicker, more accessible alternative to using a scientific calculator.

Visit the Mouser Customer Resource Centre to simplify the task of selecting and buying electronic components: