Robust camera with a keen eye

Intel continues to expand its RealSense product line with the D457 depth camera. A GMSL/FAKRA interface enhances RealSense capabilities, lowering power consumption and ESD/EMI noise, while reducing latency. In addition, it allows for longer cable length compared to USB and higher bandwidth compared to Ethernet.


It is claimed to be the only stereo camera with these specifications, making it optimal for applications where large amounts of image or video data must be transmitted over long distances.


Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link is a multi-gigabit point-to-point connection primarily focused on the automotive sector. Using a single coaxial cable up to 15m, GMSL supports multi-stream applications. In combination with the safe FAKRA connector and GMSL high performance protocol, robotics and warehouse applications can be implemented.


Using an integrated IMU, depth perception is refined, improving, for example, the interaction of robotic applications or drones with their environment.


The IP65 housing suits the camera to demanding industrial environments.