Keeping lead times short

Discover how Hitaltech’s product range and value added services are helping OEMs excel regardless of the economic, supply-chain and labour challenges they face


With today’s challenging commercial environment, Hitaltech will place its ECS focus on services designed to cut costs, reduce lead times, improve quality and production processes and make engineers’ and designers’ lives easier.


Manufacturing isn’t easy right now. From inflation to supply chain challenges to industrial action, spanners are being throw into the production/supply/shipping works. So, when connector and enclosure specialist, Hitaltech, was planning for ECS, it decided to complement its component showcase with a focus on value added services (VAS).


Hitaltech’s MD, Andrew Fitzer, explained: “VAS at Hitaltech grew from the simple question: what more could we do to support our clients’ product quality, production efficiency and bottom line?


“We know lead times are a major concern for our customers, but we can carry buffer stock (one of Hitaltech’s VAS) that protects production. And should supply become a real problem, we have the range and the expertise to recommend alternatives.”


Other VAS include kitting and loom wire assembly services. Printing services eliminate wasted time and cost printing and applying transfers, while machining and mould tool modifications help designers create better products without the cost of bespoke enclosure/mould design.


Hitaltech will also showcase its latest FFCs. These ultra-flat, flexible cables are designed for the smallest spaces and require only tiny enclosure cut-outs.


FFCs support product miniaturisation and give designers a low space, low weight, low cost connector that offers real design flexibility in industrial control systems, automotive electronics, white goods and more.

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