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Shortage Mitigation

This year has been such a roller coaster for us all and has left us in a continuous loop. Countless unexpected events happened just within a year, and all of them had made huge impacts on most industries. In the world of electronics, it became a great struggle and resulted in massive supply chain disruptions and component shortages.

Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic parts, no matter how big or small, all their inventories and productions had been sucked out of the market. The lead time for high end manufacturers such as AKM, TE, STM, and NXP, and others, has doubled from 18 weeks up to 36 weeks.


Chip 1 Exchange’s Expert Solutions

We are already in the last quarter of 2020 and no one could ever tell when this pandemic will end. Even experts cannot predict how long we will experience these challenges. Fortunately, Chip 1 Exchange has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your component shortages.

Chip 1 understands the importance of shortage elimination and our team of highly qualified salespeople are ready and capable to quickly source electronic components from around the world.

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