Computing boards and AI platforms in stock

Farnell is stocking NVIDIA Jetson small form factor computer modules including Jetson Nano, Jetson AGX and Jetson Xavier NX.


Each computer is a system-on-a-module (SoM) designed to meet many power, performance and form-factor needs across multiple industries. The modules include a GPU, CPU, memory, power management and relevant interfaces. Applications include manufacturing, retail, agriculture, healthcare, waste management, smart cities and more.


Farnell’s head of single board computing, Romain Soreau, said: “The Jetson range has truly been a game changer in the rapidly accelerating move to the AI and machine learning advances that underpin the new industrial age referred to as Industry 4.0. We are delighted to bring these NVIDIA modules to developers who need the most sophisticated tools for edge computing applications.”


The modules and their associated development kits share a unified software architecture that makes it easier for developers to expand their product lines and maximise the benefits to be gained from their investment.