New single board computer available now

Newark has announced global, in-stock availability of BeagleConnect Freedom and BeaglePlay.


BeaglePlay is an open-source single board computer designed to simplify the process of adding sensors, actuators, indicators, human interfaces and connectivity to an embedded system.


BeagleConnect Freedom is an open-hardware wireless platform developed by built around the TI CC1352P7 microcontroller, which supports both 2.4GHz and long-range, low-power sub 1GHz wireless protocols.


Newark’s head of single board computing, Romain Soreau, said: “These boards are designed to be affordable and accessible, allowing hobbyists, educators and professionals to experiment with and develop a wide range of electronics projects, from simple sensors and LED displays to complex robotics and Internet of Things systems.”’s executive director, Christine Long, added: “These competitively priced introductions herald a new era in productivity for early adopters as well as experienced developers, both of whom will benefit from the speed and flexibility of BeagleConnect Freedom and BeaglePlay without having to write line-after-line of code.”