Hello! from Özdisan

Özdisan, is Electronic Component distributor and EMS provider in Turkey. It was founded in 1980 . We have local offices and overseas offices in Greece and Hong Kong.

Özdisan has one of the largest stock inventory in Europe with over USD 60 Million inventory level with centralized warehouse in Istanbul .

Özdisan is authorised distributor of more than 200 remarkable brands such as Samsung, Yageo, Panasonic, Fuji, Littelfuse, LEM, Sanrex, Recom, Panjit, Excelitas, Nordic Semi, …. From Semi-conductor to Passive Components, IC’s to Electro-Mechanics parts and IoT solutions.

Main services: Electronic Component Distribution

  • PCB Assembly (EMS) Service with 9 SMT Lines
  • PCB Supply
  • FAE – R&D Support
  • Heatsink Production
  • LED Lighting Solutions (Design Support & Manufacturing)
  • TFT & LCD Solutions

With all these services, Özdisan offers turnkey solutions to its customers around the World. It is one the companies under the roof of DMY Electronics Investments.