Self-fixture connector family expands

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has expanded its Johnson/Cinch Connectivity Solutions self-fixture family of connectors with three new proprietary, patented solutions available in 2.92, 2.4 and 1.85mm configurations. Johnson is claimed to be the only supplier offering a self-fixture solution, saving customers time and money in the manufacturing process and reducing the need to use a fixture.


Designed for industrial, medical, military and high-tech markets, applications include: satellite communication equipment; GPS and phased array antennas; radar systems; remote sensing and metering; and RFID tagging.


These coax connectors use a proprietary design to accurately align and hold the center contact to the circuit board plane with connector legs that grip the standard 0.062in thick boards until soldering is complete. The parts allow easy attachment directly to coplanar waveguide circuit boards and are said to operate with exceptional return loss characteristics, up to 67GHz.


Inventory is now available from major distributors including Digi-Key, Newark and Mouser.