Complete sourcing service

Careful inspection of components to the highest standards protects your supply chain

Solid State Supplies can now supply commercial and industrial hard-to-source parts from suppliers it is not franchised for, giving customers a more complete service


Solid State Supplies has responded to increasing demand for its sourcing and obsolescence solutions by strengthening its component sourcing team. The company now provides a wide range of component-level services to help customers overcome supply chain issues and keep production running.


The team has a proven track record in sourcing product from across the globe with a unique combination of assurance and agility. All sources are verified and full due diligence mitigates risk, providing full return rights and warranty on all goods supplied.


Buying counterfeit products is not something buyers need worry about as Solid State Supplies can provide product testing of fit, form and function to the manufacturer’s published datasheets and provide test reports. The level of testing is always customer driven.


Experience means Solid State Supplies is well positioned to avoid pitfalls and pre-empt problems, with the team working with customers to fill gaps in their BoMs and overcome sourcing or quality issues they are experiencing. Customers are protected with dedicated buffer stocks, while Solid State Supplies’ close supplier relationships often lets it secure more product on behalf of key customers.


Military and Hi-Rel SOS is Solid State Supplies’ specialist business unit offering a comprehensive sourcing service for obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components for military and hi-rel applications including anti-counterfeit detection, electrical re-testing/re-qualification, up-screening, long term storage and specialist kitting.