PCB etching innovation unveiling

In this article, Electron Electronics, describes the reintroduction of the Mega bubble etch tank and prepares visitors for the unveiling of the ultimate etching machine 


In spring 2019, UK PCB processing equipment manufacturer, Mega Electronics, closed. Its  products were used throughout education and industry for manufacturing prototypes and small quantities of PCBs. Over the last 40-years most students making their own PCBs would have used a Mega bubble etch tank.


In late 2019, a chance meeting with Mega’s forma technical director, Mark Hall, triggered a plan to restart bubble etch tank manufacturing. When the original manufacturer closed everything not auctioned was skipped, so every component had to be sourced from scratch, using original suppliers where possible. Moving into 2020 materials started to arrive, then Covid struck.


By the end of 2020 the single tank (PA104) and two-tank (PA210) models were available, and 2021 saw the completed line up with the tri-tank (PA310) unit. In addition, the PCB chemistry the original manufacturer was supplying was sourced


Electron Electronics is delighted to be attending the Electronic Components Show 2023, where it will exhibit the Mega bubble etch tanks which are now manufactured along with the chemistry, media film and photoresist PCB boards. A redesigned Mega Rota Spray unit will also be unveiled at the show. This ultimate etching machine can etch a PCB in 90 seconds, making it an ideal upgrade from a bubble etch tank.