Power connectors, fuse holders, switches and more

In this article, TME highlights a range of Schurter products, including power connectors, fuse holders and switches, which visitors can explore on their stand


Schurter’s power connectors, manufactured to IEC 60320, are popular in power supply connections. Specifications include 250VAC and currents up to 16A. Application environments include consumer appliances, industrial devices and medical equipment.

Cylindrical fuse holders offer simple overcurrent protection. Specifications include: accommodation of 5 by 20mm or 6.3 by 32mm fuses; UL94 V-0 flammability rating; and thermoplastic bodies with a temperature tolerance of -40 to 85°C. Applications for these products include consumer appliances, low volume products, prototypes and hobby projects.


PCB fuse holders integrate cylindrical fuses into the printed circuit, offering a popular design solution for consumer and industrial equipment.

Schurter’s second major product group is switches. For example, vandal-resistant switches have a wide range of applications including: lifts, dispatchers, ticket machines and control panels.

Schurter offers switches with flat-pin plugs and LED illumination in numerous variants. Technical options include: leads for soldering wires, PCB-mounting or connectors; zinc alloy or stainless steel bodies; monostable and bistable switches; SPST and DPST contact configurations; rated from IP64 to IP67; up to 1,000,000 cycles; and low-profile versions.


TACT microswitches are frequently used as HMI components in domestic appliances and consumer electronics. Specifications include: SPST contacts (normally opened); contact rating 12V (0.05 A); 4.5mm, 4.5 by 6.5mm and 4.5 by 10mm lead spacing; THT or SMT mounting; and heights from 4.3 to 12.5mm.

Schurter’s MCS 18 series standard switches are characterised by: shallow mounting depth; large choice of colours; square or round shape; panel mounting; 0.125A, 48VDC contact rating; and IP65 protection. Applications are found in control panels, industrial machines and automation.