Looking ahead to 2033’s supply chain

Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of products, Jeff Newell

Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of products, Jeff Newell, says the keys to managing ever changing supply environments are visibility, agility and resiliency


Global conflicts, weather events, strikes, geo-political upheavals and economic booms and busts are just some of the things that can adversely affect a supply chain. Future gazing is tricky, particularly a year or more away. Forecasting is a constantly moving target and harder with technology changing so fast. The thing we know for sure is change is always round the corner—but what, when and where? The keys are visibility, agility and resiliency.


Successful component manufacturers and distributors pay attention to trends and prepare to react quickly and efficiently to changing conditions. Mouser’s distribution model and web presence have underpinned continued growth despite recent supply chain challenges. The company’s solid relationships with its manufacturer partners and product teams help the company stay ahead of market trends and customer demand.


With industry’s widest selection of over 1,200 component manufacturers, Mouser offers customers plenty of choice and will continue adapting to customers’ and manufacturer partners’ needs, staying nimble and reacting quickly to changing needs.


Regarding manufacturers, further acquisitions and mergers are expected as companies look to streamline and maintain profitability. Innovation will continue with new start-ups emerging as well.


With robotics and AI increasing, the future will definitely see more smart manufacturing and distribution with increased automation, precision and efficiency. The biggest challenge will be matching component demand given the acceleration of the digital revolution.