Reaching into new industries

Expect length-unlimited flexible printed circuits to start appearing on more BoMs as manufacturers explore the benefits offered by Trackwise’s Improved Harness Technology.


Trackwise Designs has revealed that its length-unlimited flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are driving product innovation, as designers apply the patented Improved Harness Technology (IHT) FPC technology to solve their design challenges and enable smarter, more advanced products.


IHT allows the manufacture of multi-layer, flexible printed circuits of unlimited length, delivering space/weight savings, increased reliability/repeatability and reduced assembly time. The circuits can withstand the harsh environments found in aerospace, automotive and industrial applications, but can also be made small enough to replace microwires in medical applications such as catheters.


Trackwise’s CEO, Philip Johnston, said: “The diversity of applications using our IHT FPCs to drive product innovation is huge. Design engineers have been quick to recognise the significant advantages of IHT FPCs. It is inspiring to see their visions for future products being realised as they take advantage of replacing conventional interconnections and wiring harnesses with our lightweight, smaller, cheaper, more reliable and repeatable alternatives.”


In the agritech sector, Trackwise can manufacture FPCs of any length featuring sensors that enable the monitoring and control of lighting, climate and irrigation required to automate such indoor deployments round the clock.


For industrial sensing applications, long FPCs featuring pressure sensor arrays, strain gauges or linear measurement sensors can be used to monitor the position and speed of an elevator car in its shaft or investigate the inside of industrial pipelines.


Regarding heating elements, FPCs can also power heating elements for applications such as de-icing aircraft wings, tails or air inlet scoops or for innovative applications like electric infrared wallpaper.