Mesh network modules now in stock

NeoCortec has signed a new global distribution agreement with Poland-based distributor Transfer Multisort Elektronik which operates from Lodz, Poland with a 18,800m² warehouse and logistics centre.


NeoCortec’s business development manager, Cato Skibsted Fagermo, said: “We believe that TME is an ideal new distribution partner for us and they will do well promoting our NeoMesh wireless mesh network modules together with Neocortec’s protocol stack with their global customer base.”


TME product manager, Pawel Sioda, added: “Neocortec’s great products are a perfect addition to our linecard and we are very much looking forward to establishing a very successful business relationship with NeoCortec in the years to come.”


NeoCortec’s NeoMesh wireless network modules are based on a decentralized mesh of self-governing nodes which are not dependent on a network coordinator. A virtually limitless number of nodes can be added to an existing network. This means that even the largest buildings can be covered with only one network and without any additional infrastructure.