Powering up the charging infrastructure

Newark is stocking Eaton’s newest range of electric vehicle chargers. The range is designed to provide fast-charging capabilities alongside environmentally friendly solutions. Additionally, the chargers provide the data-driven insights needed to manage the impact of charging on a building’s infrastructure.


Newark’s global head of technical marketing, Cliff Ortmeyer, said: “In the ever-expanding market for electric vehicles, it is important to provide the highest quality products and accessories to our clients. We are excited to have the Eaton EV charging range available so our customers can effectively charge their electric vehicles with top-of-the-line products while minimizing energy costs.”


Currently, the United States has over 2.5 million battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles with the demand for charging continuing to increase. Through the offering of these products, Newark can help customers plan for EV charging implementation. To provide further insight into EV charging for its US customer base, Newark also offers additional information and resources on its website.