Commitment to quality and reliability

DK-Daleba’s business development manager, Tony Hawkins, explains how AS910B accreditation highlights the company’s investment in quality PCB manufacturing.


Aerospace and defence manufacturers rely heavily on quality PCBs to support their complex electronic systems. With safety and reliability paramount, it is imperative that PCB suppliers meet rigorous quality standards to ensure their products are fit for purpose. Quality accreditations such as AS9120B play a critical role in verifying that PCB suppliers have the necessary processes in place to consistently deliver the highest quality circuits.


AS9120B is a standard developed specifically for aerospace and defence suppliers. It is based on the ISO9001 quality management system standard but includes additional requirements specific to the industry. These requirements cover areas such as traceability, counterfeit parts prevention and documentation control. By achieving AS9120B certification, PCB suppliers can demonstrate they have implemented robust quality management systems that meet the unique needs of the aerospace and defence sectors.


AS9120B can also help PCB suppliers improve their processes. The standard requires suppliers to establish clear quality objectives and monitor their performance against these objectives. Suppliers can identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions to address any issues. This focus on continuous improvement can help drive efficiency and reduce costs, benefiting the supplier and its customers.


Although designed for one industry, AS9120B accreditation can be seen as attractive to many different sectors.


DK-Daleba achieved AS910B accreditation this year. When PCB manufacturing began, the company started from humble beginnings. Founded in February 1963, the business quickly grew to become an accomplished PCB manufacturer, strengthening its offering and building on a growing customer base.


The company was acquired by its current owners in 1981, moving its base to Hertford. Since that acquisition, DK-Daleba has grown as part of the group, which stretches throughout the UK, Europe and Asia, providing a broad spectrum of PCB technology.


Over the 60-years of trading, with over 50 million PCBs this year, DK-Daleba has often attributed its success to the constant update and improvement of its quality systems. Like others with AS9120B it confirms that DK-Daleba’s quality management systems meet the high standards expected of the aerospace and defence industries.


DK-Daleba’s business development manager, Tony Hawkins, said: “We are extremely proud that our quality team have achieved AS9120B accreditation. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services to our customers in the aerospace and defence industries.


“This certification demonstrates that we have the systems in place to meet the complex requirements needed and gives our customers the confidence that they are receiving products that are of the highest quality. DK-Daleba’s achievement of AS9120B accreditation is a significant milestone and demonstrates our commitment to quality and reliability. It is a testament to the dedication of our quality team to meeting the stringent standards required by the aerospace and defence sector and confirms their position as a trusted supplier of PCBs.”