Electromechanical Components Distributor

An electromechanical component is one that employs an electrical signal to effect a mechanical change, such as motor rotation.

Common types of Electromechanical Components are switches and relays. Electromechanical switches are used to create, break, or alter the flow of electrical energy in a circuit. Electromechanical switches have numerous functions, and interrupting a circuit so it can be switched off and on is one of its many.

An electromechanical relay is a type of relay that operates by generating a magnetic field with an electromagnetic coil when a control signal is applied to it. It is named electromechanical because the output circuit comprises movable contacts that are activated by an electrical signal.


What are other types of Electromechanical Components?

Other electromechanical components aside from switches and relays are Quartz Crystals for precision timing, connectors, terminal blocks, etc.

What are the examples of Electromechanical Switches?

Toggle switch, push button switch, rocker switch, rotary switch, slider switch, and Dualinline-package (DIP) switch are the most common types of electromechanical switches.

What are the examples of Electromechanical Relays?

Electromechanical relays can be classified based on their functions. There Generalfunction Relays and Protection Relays. The examples of General-function relays are latching relays, contactors, machine tool relays, smart relays, signal relays, automobile relays, timer relays, and PCB relays etc. Thermal overload relays, sequence protection relays, under or over voltage relays, under or over current relays, differential relays, electronic relays etc. are some of the types of Protection Relays.


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