Partnership strengthens domestic lithium supply chain

Dragonfly Energy and Ioneer have announced a commercial offtake agreement which Dragonfly believes will strengthen US battery supply chains and invest in production and manufacturing of Nevada-sourced lithium.

Nevada Governor, Joe Lombardo, said: “This agreement between Dragonfly Energy and Ioneer, and hopefully more like it in the future, are vital to our economy as we work to develop this new industry, secure Nevada’s energy independence and close the lithium loop.” 

Dragonfly Energy’s CEO,  Dr Denis Phares, added: “Deploying our innovative dry powder coating cell manufacturing process is exciting. But ultimately, cell production is only made possible by access to lithium. This agreement gives us the opportunity to bring our entire manufacturing process not only to the US, but to Nevada, from mining to manufacturing to recycling.”

Ioneer’s managing director and CEO, Bernard Rowe, commented: “As the world’s demand for lithium in electric vehicle and energy storage increases, the need to secure a reliable and domestic source of lithium is critical.”