Gate driver reports telemetry data

Power Integrations has announced a new, single-channel, plug-and-play gate driver for 190 by 140mm IHM and IHV IGBT modules up to 3300V. The 1SP0635V2A0D combines Power Integrations’ Scale-2 switching performance and protection features with a configurable isolated serial output interface, which augments driver programmability and provides telemetry reporting for an accurate lifetime estimation. 

Multiple sensing circuits including thermal, device and bus condition information are incorporated, simplifying system design and enhancing observability, control and reliability. Application areas are rail traction inverters, power grid and medium-voltage drives.

Power Integrations’ product marketing manager, Thorsten Schmidt, said: “The serial status output protocol incorporates critical real-time measurements, facilitating advanced operational verification and dramatically increasing overall visibility of the inverter’s health, reliability and efficiency. Engineers may adapt monitoring and control systems to the PI standard plug-and-play protocol or request custom adjustments by PI engineers during their project’s development phase.”