Improved current sharing

Power Integrations has introduced the SCALE-iFlex LT NTC family of IGBT/SiC module gate drivers. They target the popular new dual, 100 by 140mm style of IGBT modules, such as the Mitsubishi LV100 and Infineon XHP2, plus silicon carbide variants up to 2,300V blocking voltage. The drivers provide negative temperature coefficient data which enables accurate thermal management of converter systems. 

Power Integrations’ product marketing manager, Thorsten Schmidt, said: “Designers of renewable energy and rail systems using SCALE-iFlex drivers already benefit from increased system performance. The SCALE-iFlex approach handles paralleling so expertly that one module in five can be eliminated without loss of performance or current de-rating. Adding an isolated NTC output reduces hardware complexity—particularly cables and connectors—and contributes to system observability and overall performance.”

The drivers improve current sharing accuracy and increase current carrying capability of multiple-paralleled modules by 20 per cent, letting users significantly increase semiconductor utilisation of their converter stacks.