Leading the way on sodium-ion battery packs

UK battery specialist¸ AceOn, has produced its first sodium-ion battery packs in a move it says could usher in a new generation of sustainable power. The company has produced 12 and 43V sodium-ion packs, thought to be the first of their kind in the country. 


AceOn’s managing director, Mark Thompson, said: “Sodium-ion batteries are what everybody is talking about at the moment as the next big development in battery technology, and our new packs put us firmly at the forefront of their development and demonstrate the truly innovative work we are doing. 


“As far as I am aware we are the first developer to have UK-developed sodium-ion battery packs in our hands. The fact that we are collaborating with a UK supply chain and developing and building the packs in the UK ourselves, is vitally important for the country. This is the future and we want to see the UK leading the world in developing it and bringing it to market.”