Supporting next-gen data centers and generative AI

Molex has introduced a chip-to-chip 224G product portfolio, encompassing next-gen cables, backplanes, board-to-board connectors and near-ASIC connector-to-cable solutions operating at speeds up to 224 Gbps-PAM4. As a result, the company is positioned to meet demands for the fastest available data rates powering advanced technology including generative AI, machine learning, 1.6T networking and other high-speed applications. 

Molex’ VP and GM copper solutions, Jairo Guerrero, said: “Molex is collaborating closely with major technology innovators, as well as key data center and enterprise customers, to set an aggressive pace for 224G product introductions. 

“Our transparent, co-development approach facilitates early engagement with stakeholders across the 224G ecosystem to identify and resolve potential performance bottlenecks and design challenges, ranging from signal integrity and EMI reduction to the need for more efficient thermal management.”

Samples of Mirror Mezz Enhanced, Inception and CX2 Dual Speed will be available this summer, with product samples of Molex’s new OSFP and QSFP offerings slated for release in the fall.