Getting products to markets

DigiKey has partnered with GroupGets to launch the Get MADE crowdfunding initiative, a collaboration that promotes and funds hardware creators. This program will allow startups to get hardware funded, produced and sold on DigiKey’s website.

GroupGets is a crowd purchasing platform for group buying technology products that helps businesses and individuals launch their products by promoting, funding and distributing electronic devices across the world.

Through the Get Made program, GroupGets and DigiKey will cross promote qualifying devices through content, design, distribution and partial funding through DigiKey. On successful funding, GroupGets will work with the creators to manufacture the platforms and then DigiKey will list the platforms for sale on its website. 

DigiKey’s senior director of technical marketing, David Sandys, said: “The Get MADE program stemmed from the longtime supply partnership between DigiKey and GroupGets and became a call-to-action to further support makers trying to enter the market. By partnering together, we can bring interesting new solutions to market and fuel innovation in the hardware space.”