Shunt resistors enable accurate current sensing

TT Electronics has announced its EBW5216 series of shunt resistors for high current measurements in the hundreds of amps range. With a wide temperature range from –65 to 170°C and AEC-Q200 qualification, the series suits applications including welding power supplies, motor drives, battery management, energy metering and process control. 

The component is an electron-beam welded resistance element sandwiched between large copper terminals with tin plating. The series offers values of 50 and 100µΩ at down to one per cent tolerance, 150ppm/°C TCR (measurement), 20ppm/°C TCR (alloy) and <1µV/°C thermal EMF. The ultra-low ohmic values reduce power loss and its low self-heating reduces equipment temperature and improves reliability. 

TT Electronics’ senior product line manager, Nick Atkinson, said: “The electron-beam welded shunt EBW5216 with its four-terminal contacts is the latest addition to TT’s growing portfolio of current sense resistors with AEC-Q200 approval. Its low measurement error frees up the designer’s error budget—and its compact footprint enables our customers to achieve accurate and surge-proof current measurement in busbar-connected assemblies.”