Improving turbine safety

EMKA compression latches aid wind power from Nordex

To ensure the floor hatches of Nordex wind turbines are securely mounted in their cut-outs, EMKA developed a new stainless steel compression latch designed to resist the forces and corrosive environment involved. This solution ensures the cam closes the hatch firmly and is vibration-proof due to its compression function.

The lock can only be opened by turning it 180deg with a square 8mm key . When rotating 90deg, the cam moves 6mm axially, releasing the compression. When rotating another 90deg, the released cam also rotates and the hatch can be removed.

The actuation covers only half the housing’s head so each position shows either OPEN (red) or CLOSED (green). This visual aid lets the technician see whether the lockingsystem is closed or open at a glance. The red/green markings are also smudge-tested according to DIN EN 62208 chap. 9.3 and DIN EN 61439-1 chap. 10.2.7.