Fast track prototyping drives efficiency

Incap UK explains how Fast Track can help original equipment manufacturers meet tight deadlines for prototypes and pre- production builds

A core feature of the Fast Track strategy is rapid PCBA prototyping and small batch assembly, with projects typically taking three to seven working days to complete, depending on complexity. The service also includes quick-turn cable assembly, advanced testing (like flying probe and on-site x-ray) and streamlined quoting/ procurement processes.

What sets the strategy apart is its commitment to quality and efficiency. Companies adopting this approach establish dedicated teams that oversee projects, start to finish. They employ state-of-the-art equipment, provide detailed reports and replicate volume production processes in the line, ensuring a smooth transition to full-scale production.

Incap UK’s Fast Track is an example of how this approach can transform manufacturing. Businesses across the industry can unlock new levels of efficiency and responsiveness, ultimately accelerating innovation and success.