Pushing the edge of technology

KYOCERA AVX’s senior fellow, Ron Demcko

Kyocera AVX Components Corporation’s AVX senior fellow, Ron Demcko, expects technical commonalities across high growth sectors will mitigate potential part shortages.

Technology continues to transform our daily life and it will increasingly be relied upon to help address future challenges. Those challenges might be: global warming; smart grid/distributed power generation; advanced robotics for manufacturing; or ultra- high-speed communication.

Regardless of the exact sector, technology is being deployed as a solution. Examples of success stories range from data centers handling ever increasing data streams and private satellite constellations allowing internet for all, to EV’s efficiency over ICE vehicles. To me the question isn’t necessarily which sectors will be in decline. The question might be rephrased by asking which sectors are going to accelerate at such a pace they leave traditional sectors behind. The top three sectors with the highest growth rates are probably AI, EV transportation and communications.

There are some commonalities that might help both R&D and component suppliers’ manufacturing teams meet product volume goals in some sectors to alleviate part shortages. However, the end part requirements of each sector vary due to the specifics of electronic component performance needed for optimized product performance.

The possibility of part shortages exists, especially with the uncertainty of totally new markets such as AI and what an optimized architecture might look like for the winning AI configuration.

As suppliers, these very different and fast growth sectors help push the edge of technology, challenge manufacturing for increased part counts and attract skilled engineering talent intent upon working with high impact technological solutions.