Problem solving to smooth supply

Charcroft director, Debbie Rowland

Charcroft director, Debbie Rowland, explains that in 2024, problem solving will become a critical part of helping buyers achieve on time and on budget delivery

Material shortages which caused availability issues are coming under control and lead times are stabilising or reducing. Pricing is also stabilising. Most of the previous price increases were based on materials shortages and costs—plus labour costs—so these increases are unlikely to continue into 2024.

Some orders placed in 2022 have included deliveries scheduled for 2024 and usage is beginning to peak or drop. As the semiconductor market starts to stabilise, the market for passive technologies typically follows active components by around six months later.

It will be essential for distribution to listen to customers’ concerns and have the willingness, resources and adaptability to smooth the procurement process. This is particularly true for hard-to-buy, release or certified components.

For example, deep partnership with contract electronic manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers means Charcroft’s specialist approach to distribution can be used to resolve a CEM’s procurement issue without the issue being referred back to the OEM. This strong technical expertise and industry knowledge is often used by customers. That is why each of Charcroft’s UK-based team of business development managers has specialist expertise in key areas of high- reliability products such as passives, power and emech.

The result is the ability to help buyers achieve a smoother and faster procurement process as the industry transitions into 2024.