Envy of the world

Nano Electronic Services’ director, Steve Drew

Nano Electronic Services’ director, Steve Drew, encourages customers, suppliers and factories to work closely together to ensure production runs smoothly

The consumer market will likely see a resurgence in 2024, as component stock levels improve, which is likely to lead to an increase in some lead times. IoT continues growing exponentially, driven by the demand to have everything monitored. Markets such asagritech are really benefiting from IoT solutions. With a shortage of workers, access to data can give farmers better knowledge to really help them make decisions.

New and evolving markets such as autonomous vehicles continue to grow, with their benefits reaching into sectors including warehousing, local deliveries and agriculture.

Stock is returning to past levels but OEMs and CEMs seem to have reverted to type and forgotten the last two years of pain and work exactly to lead time whichgot us in the mess in the first place. As we head into 2024, customers need to work closely with their supply chain, with each link in the chain communicating better regarding everyone’s needs. Let’s not make the mistakes of the past, working just-in-time and relying
on the supply chain to bail you out. Let’s work together—customer, suppliers and factories—to ensure everything goes smoothly. As an advocate of UK manufacturing, let’s do it to make UK manufacturing the envy of Europe and the world.