New solder and rework technology underpins productivity and quality

Advanced Rework Technology has invested over £30k in reworking, soldering and heat management tooling so trainees will learn the latest practices using the newest equipment.

A new JBC DMPSE rework station lets users operate four tools simultaneously. Stackable modules help conserve workspace and a selection of compatible tools provides flexibility across multiple soldering and rework applications.

A variety of new soldering and rework tools includes devices for small SMDs, high power requirements (ground plane soldering) and removing excess solder after SMD rework. JBC boasts an extensive cartridge range, with over 500 different shapes and tip geometries to choose from. Tip selection is crucial for soldering and rework tasks, ensuring optimal results are achieved.

Finally, ART has added JBC’s Intelligent Heat Management Technology. Each stand can detect when the tool has entered the stand and place it into sleep or hibernation mode when not in use. This efficient heat management helps extend tip life. The new fit-out was delivered and set up by Kaisertech.