Compact solution for big challenges

In applications where every millimetre counts, ODU offers its Mini-Snap Super Shorty in the F series. The connector offers a length reduction of up to 25 per cent, suiting applications that require easy mounting in confined spaces.

Despite its reduced size, the connector has enough space for convenient and professional connection of cable strands. The design also provides optimum conditions for over-moulding and protection of the termination area, either in a straight or right-angled design. The connectors are available as ready-made assemblies with matching cable and over-moulding tailored to the specific application.

Rated at IP68 and with a service life of at least 5,000 mating cycles, the push-pull locking system ensures both a safe connection and easy removal in hard-to-reach places. Blind-plugging is possible thanks to the simple handling and half-shell coding. As an extra option, the connectors are available in tin-nickel in addition to standard matt chrome.