Display module suits PLCs

Display Visions has developed a compact Modbus display module, equipped with a 4.3in bright and perfectly readable display. This makes it ideal for use on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offered by manufacturers like Siemens, Beckhoff and Panasonic.

The module supports the communication formats Modbus/ TCP and Modbus/RTU. Accordingly, it is equipped with interfaces for WiFi, LAN and RS-485. The brilliant IPS display is characterised by brightness of around 1,000cd/m2 and all-round readability. Regarding power supply, the unit can be operated with any DC power supply in the voltage range 5 to 30VDC.

In a market dominated by products with much larger screens (15in and more), Display Visions opens up new possibilities with its Modbus indicator in a wall-mounted housing with a diagonal screen size of 4.3in, allowing the design of compact and cost-effective HMI units. To meet demand for further small displays, the manufacturer has announced 7in versions will be included in its range.