SMT connectors suit space critical designs

Several M12 connector series from binder are available in versions for surface mount technology (SMT). They offer advantages for integration into space-critical designs and also provide good automation capability.

Binder’s SMT products are available in versions with four, six and eight contacts and with different codings. They are available shielded and unshielded. The M12 connectors are also available in different versions, for example as a set with different flange housings, as a built-in part in blister packaging or tape and reel packaging for automated processing.

In detail, these are A-coded M12 connectors from the 713/763 series, B-coded components from the 715/766 series and connectors from the 825/876 series with D-coding and the 876 series with X-coding.

Depending on the coding, the M12-SMT variants are suitable for different applications: A-coded for sensors and DC power; B-coded for Profibus; and D- and X-coded for 100Mbit and 10Gbit Ethernet respectively.