Rapid custom cable assembly for harsh environments

Benefitting from in-house design, test and manufacturing resources, Bulgin’s custom cable assemblies service offers OEMs solutions for harsh environment applications.

As the world becomes more connected and automated, demand for information and its speed of delivery are ever-increasing. Technology advancement is at the forefront of this movement, leading the realms of what is possible. This new era has created an ever-expanding requirement for reliable, adaptive connector solutions and products that enable companies to future-proof their systems.

This becomes more challenging when these requirements have the additional complexity of rugged terrains of harsh environments, such as agriculture, food preparation, marine and mining operations. Here, extremes of temperature, particulate matter and water impose a layer of complexity to maintain seamless communication and power transmission essential to safeguard critical systems. Ensuring reliability is paramount in system design, as any downtime results in revenue loss and disrupts service—a situation no customer desires.

Bulgin’s custom cable assemblies service lets customers create bespoke connectivity solutions right for their design, if off-the-shelf solutions are unsuitable and need tweaking or do not guarantee the required reliability.

With an integrated approach from its in-house engineering design team, extensive testing facility and in-house manufacturing of connectors and cabling solutions, Bulgin can guarantee rapid turnaround and build quality, giving peace of mind from design and prototyping to volume manufacturing.