Rising demand for VG95234 connectors

In this article, Aerco explains the driving factors behind the recent surge in demand for connectors with VG approval, including a new mechanised infantry vehicle.

Demand, in part, has come about due to the joint venture between the UK based BAE and German based Rheinmetall, together forming RBSL (Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land) to produce a new Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) for the British Forces.

The Boxer, an eight-by-eight-wheeled, all-terrain, armoured transport vehicle, will have multiple uses including as a troop carrier, field ambulance, combat engineering vehicle, plus as a logistics and battlefield maintenance vehicle. They are filled with cutting-edge technology that should detect threats using 360deg high-definition long-range cameras which are continually scanning even when moving at speed. It is built to survive bomb threats and even features a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) threat protection system. With the first shipment of Boxer’s due to be deployed imminently, there are many more in production that are set to swell the Army’s ranks.

Key to making this military vehicle tough and durable is the use of tested and approved components that meet the high standards required for military use. The VG standard, set by The Bundeswehr, Germany’s unified armed forces, and the federal office of Bundeswehr Equipment, IT and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), does this. VG approved products are highly sought after as they represent high standards for use in critical applications and are recognised by NATO.

Found throughout the Boxer MIV is the rugged VG95234 connector. Based on the long-standing Mil-C-5015 specification from the US, the VG95234 features a ‘reverse-bayonet’ coupling design. It comes with RoHS compliant plating, including the VG approved J-Plating as well as more traditional cadmium options. IP67/68/69K ratings provide it with exceptional environmental protection from dust, water, shock, vibration and solvent resistance. They have an extremely wide operating temperature range allowing the Boxer to operate effectively anywhere on the globe and offer high levels of EMI/RFI screening. They are easy to use with fast mating/unmating through a positive quarter-turn bayonet locking mechanism. They come in a wide variety of shell sizes and layouts and with 140 contact arrangements, it offers real versatility and can be used in multiple applications.

All this makes connectors approved to VG95234 ideal for harsh and demanding environments, especially within land-based defence vehicles where performance and dependability are vital requirements.

These connectors have also found excellent uses in heavy/off-road vehicles, rail track and rolling stock, oil/gas, factory automation/robotics and infrastructure applications.

Aerco works with several world class connector manufacturers who produce military grade components including TE Connectivity and their Deutsch connector range, ITT Cannon, Souriau by EATON and TT Electronics AB Connectors. Also available through Aerco are a range of VG approved parts and accessories including strain relief clamps, heat shrink adaptors, screened back shells and protective caps. This provides real choice and options for anyone requiring a VG95234 or equivalent rated connector for their production lines.