Demonstrating sensor to cloud solutions

Seamless and rapid development of full sensor-to-cloud solutions has been demonstrated using MikroE’s NeoMesh Click boards and Avnet’s IoTConnect cloud solution.

NeoMesh Click boards integrate all necessary sensors and interface directly with Avnet’s IoTConnect cloud solution, facilitating swift and straightforward data processing and analysis, showcasing the comprehensive functionality of a cloud-based sensor network. Applications include smart buildings, workplaces, metering, security, agriculture, transportation, Industry 4.0, medical and food distribution.

NeoCortec’s CEO, Thomas Steen Halkier, said: “We are very excited to show this demo for a full sensor to cloud solution using our NeoMesh technology. It shows that our NeoMesh ultra-low power wireless technology is a natural choice when building battery-powered, highly scalable and reliable wireless sensor networks and how easy it is to set up and run.”

Click Boards feature NeoCortec’s compact, low-power NC1000 and NC2400 network modules which address a broad range of applications based on IoT and Cloud-based sensor networks.