Making Roads Safer

TTI’s director transportation marketing, Gabe Osorio, explores the role of electronics in navigating safety and regulatory compliance in commercial vehicles.

TTI’s director transportation marketing, Gabe Osorio

The notion that safety and regulatory compliance in the commercial vehicle industry is something of a minefield would be an understatement—it comes with the territory. We’re talking public safety, billions of dollars of goods intended for distribution, the very backbone of global industry.

We’re looking at new compliance challenges on multiple fronts, from the vehicles themselves, resulting from steady advancement of onboard safety technology, all the way to the recruitment process, thanks to new DOT rules for 2024 dictating stricter electronic screening processes.

Staying competitive means staying safe and compliant. That means staying up to date on the technological demands within industry.

Rising demand for advanced safety features On the cutting edge of the transportation industry, you’ll find features like automatic lane-keep and lane-change assist. Newer vehicles can use parking sensors and onboard cameras to maintain the appropriate car lengths between vehicles automatically.
They can even read speed limit signs and speed up or slow down accordingly. In commercial vehicles we’re seeing telematics being used to ensure driver safety and compliance, merging telecommunications and informatics to track driving patterns.

While many features seen in newer vehicles have been pushed in consumer vehicles, first, advanced technology is critical to the commercial transportation sector. Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-device connectivity can be especially helpful in maintaining the safety of your fleet and the public when it comes to last-mile delivery and people movers. In these instances, you’re dealing with unpredictable traffic and crowded city streets, and a vehicle that can automatically stop at a red light or detect another truck coming around the corner before the driver can see it can be immeasurably helpful.

Identifying the parts and components required to bring commercial vehicles and computer systems up to speed, be it ECUs, PDMs or components needed for circuit protection, sourcing those components, and getting them to your loading dock is easier said than done. This is where a partner in the electronics distribution field can be invaluable.

Future of safety and regulatory tech in commercial transportation The clock isn’t turning back. As much as some in the transportation field reminisce on the days of folded road maps and non- digital logbooks, ignoring new technology is simply bad business, with or without DOT regulations to worry about.

To a glass-half-empty business owner, this is a challenge. To a glass-half-full business owner, it’s an opportunity. That is to say that advanced safety and regulatory tech is an ever-expanding frontier, and those who brave that frontier and stay on the cutting edge will claim a competitive advantage.

At TTI, we call it an opportunity. With decades of combined experience in the field, we work to keep our partners ahead of the pack, putting our knowledge of the latest electrical components to work in providing customers with the parts they need to expand these critical safety systems into the commercial vehicle market.