Discover quality frequency control products

VISIT GOLLEDGE AT STAND 07 – Electronic Component Show 2024

Golledge invites delegates to learn about its products, engage with team members and discover how the company empowers projects with quality driven components.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and its customers, Golledge is a leading supplier of frequency control products including quartz crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, RTC modules, crystal filters, SAW filters, SAW duplexers and antennas to the worldwide electronics industry.

Among highlighted products are the company’s temperature controlled crystal oscillators (TCXOs), known for their stability and precision. Additionally, Golledge’s ultra-low jitter oscillator will be on display, showcasing the company’s dedication to delivering precise timing solutions for even the most demanding applications. Moreover, real-time clocks (RTCs) will be featured, demonstrating expertise in providing reliable timekeeping solutions essential for modern electronic designs.

The Golledge team will be on hand to meet with delegates, discussing products in detail and exploring real-world applications. Whether visitors are seeking solutions for telecommunications, aerospace, automotive or other industries where precise timing is paramount, Golledge has the knowledge and over 30 years’ experience.

As the Electronics Component Show approaches, Golledge looks forward to sharing insights, and creating valuable connections. Join the company on 19 September 2024 and start on a journey of technological excellence.