Strategic investments in local manufacturing

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Incap is using ECS to highlight its investments in local manufacturing, engineering support and flexible production, a strategic necessity to uphold the nation’s industrial vigour.

Local manufacturing and engineering support are essential components in the electronics manufacturing sector. Incap UK’s strategy to address these growing demands involves significant investments and a flexible approach. The strategic location of production facilities optimises operational efficiencies, enhances responsiveness and reduces logistics costs. Engineering support is vital, offering tailored solutions while upholding high standards of quality and efficiency.

Previous investments have played a crucial role in elevating Incap UK’s position within the manufacturing sector. Incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including an x-ray counting machine and flying probe test equipment has significantly enhanced the factory’s production capabilities and streamlined operations by improving accuracy and efficiency.

Looking forward, Incap UK is set for major improvements with the introduction of PCB de-panelling equipment, deployment of Aegis FactoryLogix software and new SMT equipment planned for 2024. Alongside these, substantial upgrades to the facilities ensure the infrastructure meets industry- leading standards, supporting

Incap UK’s technological advancements and sustaining the competitive edge. Continued investment in Incap UK yields substantial benefits for customers, employees
and the company. Customers enjoy access to the latest manufacturing technologies and bespoke engineering solutions. Employees work in an environment that fosters growth and innovation. For the company, these investments enhance its overall capabilities and market position, affirming Incap UK’s role as a leader in the electronics manufacturing industry.