Amokabel Launch

Genalog is proud to announce our brand new partnership with Amokabel, the leading global manufacturer of high performance multicore cable and Brand-Rex PTFE/ETFE wire, BS3G210, various UL rated wire and cable, Def-Stan 61-12 (various parts), Naval, Defence and Mining cable and many more.

Speaking on behalf of Genalog was Sales Director Paul Bennett (left);

“In offering UK manufactured UL and PTFE cable and wire, as well as their industry specific ranges from Sweden, Amokabel are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of busy OEM engineers and when the supply chain in general struggles against the current global climate. We look forward to working closely together to support the existing and new client base.”

Marc Pawson (Sales Director for Amokabel – right) added “This exciting new partnership makes excellent commercial sense due to Genalog’s leading supply chain solutions for their customers, from the bespoke stock holding offerings of over 12 months, to the personal and dedicated sales contact service for every account. I look forward to growing the UK market together.”